The Ridge Rental Home Fredericksburg, Texas

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Guest House with Classic Appeal


Visitors may notice that The Ridge rental home is styled after the bungalows of the early 1900’s-1940’s. It also tips its hat to the arts and crafts era with its pocket doors, and to early southern necessities, such as long hallways, and plenty of tall windows. 

 Rental Home
Bungalow Style

The Ridge has an old favorite as well, the closed in porch, which is furnished with a gas grill and a dining table. The closed in porch reminds me of stories about my Grandfather, who did not have air conditioning in his 1930’s home, but instead slept on a cot in a old screened in patio during the hot Summer months. Many of the locals here in Fredericksburg, TX, said they followed that same tradition, and looked forward to those days when they could sleep screened in, with the breeze, and the crickets. 

Landscaping at the Ridge follows the modern trend of water conservation with designed rock flows colored by the hardy, drought resistant lantana. All parking is upfront, leaving a peaceful pathway to the backyard and the outdoor sitting area. The outdoor area is terraced with a wooden deck and brick patio, which leads to the garage and the closed in porch. The wicker chairs sit on the lower level beneath the post oaks, and remain shaded until 10 am, even in the Summer.

The Ridge’s location in a quiet neighborhood lends to the experience as town central is close by, just two to three minutes by car, while all the noise, and street traffic is left behind. This offers our guests a greater opportunity to find that moment of peace and quiet or to have that special get away.

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